Listen now to Friends Against Government podcast episode #124 featuring En Bloc Press and a discussion about 3D printing and firearms

Friends Against Government episode with En Bloc Press!

The gents over at the Friends Against Government podcast are kind enough to have invited me on for an episode. We discussed 3D printing, firearms, and cracked a few jokes along the way!

If you haven’t listened to the FAGCast, you’re missing out! Give them a whirl and follow @FAGCast on Twitter. There’s a reason they’re #1 Glue Fueled Libertarian podcast out there.

Listen to the episode on any major pod catcher or click the button above!

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Lee Enfield
Mr. Enfield can be reached at [email protected] and on Twitter @enbloc_lee. Enjoys politics, 3D printing, and guns. Infantry veteran and longtime shooter.

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