CBRN Protection and Political Activism in Virginia

Note: This post comes courtesy of Instagram user @CBRNboogboi. He took the time to write an outline of things to consider if you find yourself at a certain armed rally in Virginia on January 20th at the capitol building. This post has been edited for syntax and formatting so that it can be transposed from IG. This article will be part of a short series about mitigating go-to methods of crowd control, surveillance, OSINT gathering, and information security.

Rally Attendance and CBRN Protection

Going to rallies — especially armed ones —  is a great way to drive a message home.

Unfortunately, everything gets escalated to the max when you’re armed. So if you go, I wouldn’t be surprised if some tear gas comes out. Especially if things start to get a little tense.

So here are a few tips that’ll keep you from choking on your own spit while you wait for a Local Municipal Tyrant to cuff you and drag you away:

Have a CBRN Protective Mask

If you have a mask, bring it. But don’t wear it just for the visual effect; shit’s uncomfortable and I’ll just meme you for looking like an idiot. Breathing through it unnecessarily wears out the filters anyway, so you’d just be shorting your own protection time. Save it for when the gas comes out.

Need a mask?
Ebay shop the M40 protective mask or Avon M50 mask. These are rated for CRBN protection. Don’t forget filters and a carrier pouch.


If you don’t have a mask and the gas comes out, immediately close your eyes and hold your breath. Don’t take one last breath because if some of that CS gas gets into your lungs, you will cough and you will inhale again. Even with your eyes closed, you should be aware of your surroundings. Move in a safe direction until you’re out of the gas’s vicinity. 

If you do have a mask, grab those who don’t and lead them to safety. 

Neutralize the Source

If you’re feeling froggy and want to neutralize these canisters, here’s some techniques that have been proven to work:

  • Water and jarring. Basically submerge the canister in some water. 
  • Smothering. Pour damp sand or dirt over the canister. 
  • If you feel so inclined to yeet the canister back to the sender, don’t pick it up unless you got some heavy duty gloves. That canister will be hot as shit. Kicking it is also a viable option but I’ve found that hockey sticks work best. Practice your slap shots. 
Here’s an example of the protestors in Hong Kong mitigating a gas canister with a road cone and a waterproof bag partially full of water.


When you get home, strip down dick naked and take a cold shower. Scrub your hair thoroughly before turning the water warm. Heat will activate any CS particles that are lingering on your body and it’ll be a bad time. 

Author’s Note

I’m proud to be sponsoring the event and will be shipping my care package out this weekend. Go there, go armed, be heard and be professional. If you act like a bunch of retards with guns, they’ll treat you like retards with guns. If you act like an angry level headed American with a gun, they will fear you. 

Stay safe!


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