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In COVID-19 Lockdown, Your Rights Are “Non-Essential”

According to former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  The crisis following the outbreak of COVID-19 is shaping up to be quite a case in point.

What is a right? A right is defined as a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.  All over the country we are seeing our rights being stripped away because of a virus.  Some believe I’m being a bit extreme about the issue but the fact remains, your authoritarian regime is taking actions against you to make sure they maintain power and ownership over you. 

In this Essay Wednesday, I go over what the politicians have done, how the people are responding, and how our beloved overlord Law Enforcement “Peace Officers,” are handling the situation involving COVID-19.

The Crown’s Response to COVID-19 

If you’re like me, you haven’t been able to escape the news for the past several weeks (if not months).  Regardless of your opinion about COVID-19, we can all agree that politicians on both sides of the one-party coin have done their best to fuel the fire and use the virus as an excuse for a power grab .  I’m sure everyone reading this is aware of largest spending bill in history that was just passed. The big debate between many around the country is what to do with the “Yang yen”, “Trump Bucks”, “Covid Cash”.  Their lord and master, Big Papi Trump, pushed this 2 trillion dollar bill, and Republicans became socialists overnight.

However as Thomas Massie put it, “it’s the cheese in the trap.” We found out what he meant soon after. The Democrats used it as an excuse to give millions of dollars to the Kennedy Center.  “Quick! The American people are out of a job because we forced them to stay home and now they are in desperate need! We have to give the Kennedy Center money! That’ll surely help the commoners!”

Meanwhile, the Republicans are giving their rich, elite friends million dollar tax breaks in the same bill. What about the rest of us?  Will the mafia stop stealing from us? Of course not! Who then will front the bill for the extra $25 million dollars Congress is getting to buy new laptops to “work” from home? According to Trump, he has “Ultimate Authority”, so who am I, a lowly cog in the government machine, to question our dictator king?

State Level Tyrants

This isn’t just a problem with “the Feds.”  Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has done everything in his power to make himself look like the patron saint of Corona and demonize anyone in the other party.  One could argue he’s gone so far as to kill off his own constituents to do it. During this entire event he has been openly begging for ventilators, and telling the country that Trump is keeping him from getting ventilators.  Now, Trump has been open about how Governors need to be ‘nice’ to him or he will not provide aid and just let people die over petty squabbles. But the thing about Cuomo is, he was hoarding ventilators in a warehouse the whole time. 

Not only was he keeping already manufactured ventilators from his subjects, he was keeping some companies from even making them. Remington, a New York company, recognized that their state needed assistance in dealing with COVID-19. They asked Cuomo to reopen their factories so that they may produce lifesaving equipment, but their requests were ignored

The ironic thing about ventilators is that we are now seeing some reports suggesting they make the situation worse by putting unnecessary stress on the lungs.

In another northern state, Gov. Whitmer of Michigan when questioned about limiting executive power stated, “I’m not going to sign any bill that takes authority away from me.”  It’s almost like we have heard this story before. I personally can’t remember life without the Patriot Act, which is still in effect. Meanwhile on the southern side of the country, Florida politicians are telling their people to suck on hair dryers to fight COVID-19.  Apparently the crazies don’t stay in the north. Keep on keeping on, swamp people.

Redcoat’s Response

On April 13th, 2020, in Raleigh, North Carolina, people gathered in protest to get a message to the Governor to re-open the state.  They were met by the police, who told them to go home. The Raleigh police later tweeted out that “Protesting is a non-essential function.”  Your first amendment right is non-essential. In my opinion, a piece of paper doesn’t give me my rights, but the founding fathers wrote that to limit the power of the government, and even they publically stopped caring about it.  The blue gang of North Carolina aren’t the only people playing games though.

Raleigh Police views your right to assemble as non-essential during COVID-19
Thanks, Police! Very Cool!

Multiple videos have been released of cops abusing their newly acquired power. On one video that was being taken from outside someone’s apartment building of an NYPD redcoat yelled, “Shut the fuck up! Fuck you!” from his loudspeaker at people walking on the sidewalk next to their patrol car.  If an average peasant did that to a cop, you can rest assure they would be beaten and drug to jail.

According to the government, these are the people who have upstanding moral values and are supposed to protect us. Instead we are left with zoo keepers and cage kickers tasked with harassing us into submission.  

For the Greater Good or Power Grab?

Some might argue that the police are only trying to break up the crowds to stop the spread of COVID-19.  However, what about the people who are trying to get fresh air with no one around? What about those trying to keep their child occupied or hanging out with someone you live with?  There have been multiple stories of law enforcement ticketing or arresting people for these reasons. One man was arrested for walking alone on the beach. Another story was about a couple who were sitting together were ticketed for not sitting 6 feet apart.  So I can sleep in the same bed as someone but I can’t sit next to that same person in public. A similar story was about a father and daughter playing catch. The only difference was that the father was almost arrested.

This sets a dangerous precedent where they will use any further crisis to force the peasants to fall in line.  What’s next? No knock raids to make sure I’m not sleeping with my wife during a COVID-19 panic? Are they going to make sure I don’t hug my children? Are we going to start police check points to see if we are driving solo? It seems to me that this has stopped being about stopping the spread of the virus.

People’s Response

In the last few weeks we have seen some astonishing things.  In a panic, many will immediately fall in line and accept blatant lies from those they’ve previously called out as liars.  We have seen lifelong despisers of communism praise a socialist bill that sinks us further into debt. God forbid you question the actions or motives of the elites or be faced with public ridicule of the condescending masses.  Recently, within the last couple weeks however, people have started to reach a breaking point. 

It’s Not About My Barber

Millions of would be hard working Americans are without work because our oppressors have deemed them “non-essential.”  They are suffering due to the pen stroke of those who wouldn’t give them a second thought. So, they did the only thing they could think of.  Across the country, in several state capitols, people have gathered for “Open the Economy” rallies. Some have gridlocked city streets where others stood on sidewalks and talked to those passing by.  Their cry of desperation was not heard.

The media only focused on signs held making light about the situation. Signs that said, “I miss my hair dresser,” and “My nails look terrible,” were plastered all over the internet.  Some of these groups were not so lucky. Several groups were labeled white supremacists. One picture used had two minorities in it. There were only four people in the picture! Socialists jumped on the band wagon and shamed people for wanting to feed their family.  They were called capitalist pawns and said that they value money over people’s lives. Seems a bit hypocritical seeing as they value the politicians they claim to have a “revolution” against over starving children.

The founding fathers wrote the constitution so as to limit the government’s control over the people.  As our kind rulers have shown us, it is simply just a piece of paper. We have been shown that what is written does not matter.  What is enforced is what the real law is. In the following weeks we will see several states open back up. Many are asking, “how many will get sick because of it.”  A better question is how many of our rights are we getting back?

J Flintlock

Former prison guard and U.S. Army officer, radicalized by the very system he swore an oath to. Send hate mail to @FlintlockFction on Twitter or @LeverAction4Liberty on Instagram

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