Guns of Shame: Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck™

Standard Manufacturing — known for making unique firearms — offers the S333 Thunderstruck™ as a small revolver that carries 8-rounds of 22WMR (“22 magnum”) which it fires in volleys of two bullets at once. It’s marketed as a carry gun, for personal protection. Unfortunately, this is the last gun anyone should be carrying for personal protection. The Thunderstruck™ is pure boomer bait. The only real use for it is as a novelty for a collector of eccentric firearms or as an example of an experimental design that shows what happens when engineers build things because they could build them and not because they should build them.

Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck™ 22WMR Revolver

The Thunderstruck™ Fires Two Shitty Bullets at Once Instead of Just Firing One Good Bullet

The Thunderstruck™ fires two rounds of 22WMR at the same time from side-by-side barrels. You pull the trigger, it fires two bullets. One from each barrel. You get it.

This means the shooter has 4 opportunities to fire before being out of ammo (it holds 8 cartridges). While this is certainly a unique design, one has to ask the question “Why?” As in, “Why is it better to fire two small bullets instead of just one regular bullet?”

People have been killing people with one-shot-at-a-time, regular ass bullets for generations. Why, all of a sudden, do you think it’s a good idea to stuff 8 dinky ass cartridges into a small revolver and call it revolutionary?

This doesn’t work anywhere else, and it doesn’t work here. No one wants to drink two small beers instead of one regular beer. No one wants to go eat two small steaks instead of one regular steak. And no one should really want to fire two .22 magnum cartridges instead of one decent 9mm cartridge.

The Thunderstruck™ Has an Awful Trigger and Missing Trigger Guard

The gun requires two fingers on the trigger to make it fire. That’s because the trigger pull is heavy as shit. Like, 20+ lbs heavy. I’m guessing this is because you’re cocking and firing two separate double-action revolver mechanisms at one time, but…it sucks.

To make matters worse, the trigger guard does not actually guard the entire trigger. This seems like some pretty negligent engineering, but whatever. I assume that someone realized halfway through the design process that if they wrapped the trigger guard all the way around the trigger, the shooter wouldn’t have room for the rest of their hand and just said “fuck it, we’ll call that a revolutionary feature”.

The Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck™ is not a good option for concealed carry.
The Thunderstruck™ is a good option for any shooter who has already pre-paid their own funeral service

The Overall Problem

The big issue here is that the Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck™ is marketed as a really good choice for concealed carry. And it’s not. This gun is a novelty. Do not carry this gun for personal protection. You’ll die.

Firing 4 times and then running out of ammo is a dumb problem to have. Especially when most major manufacturers are offering pistols in similar size-classes that carry 10 rounds of 9mm ammo.

Having a 20+lb trigger pull is also a dumb problem to have. You really have to make an effort to fire a volley without losing your sight picture. Again, almost every other major manufacturer is offering a 9mm with a 4-7lb trigger pull out of the box. There’s no reason to have to fight with a 20+lb trigger pull in order to fire a .22 caliber cartridge a maximum of 4 times. It’s silly.

In fairness to Standard Manufacturing — the gun is pretty well built. I’m not trying to shit on them for doing something new or making something unique. We need people to always be improving things and trying something new. But this is absolutely not your best choice — or even close to your best choice — for a carry gun.

This gun should have been marketed as a tribute to bad ideas.

If you have the $300-$400 to burn on a novelty that will be looked back on as an eccentric collectable item, then sure. You could probably justify the purchase. But if you’re a boomer thinking about buying this gun for your wife to carry in her purse, you’re going to get her or someone else killed.


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Lee Enfield
Mr. Enfield can be reached at [email protected] and on Twitter @enbloc_lee. Enjoys politics, 3D printing, and guns. Infantry veteran and longtime shooter.

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