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Getting Hairy: Journalists Slapped With Pictures of Extremists’ Testicles in Deliberate Misinformation Attack

Content warning: not safe for work / visible testicles

At least one Twitter user has had enough of the annoying “Bluecheck” bugman, and is taking a stand against journalists by hitting them with an unlikely weapon: his balls.

“El Pulpo” explains his tactics in this Twitter thread, presented here for posterity, as his account is surely on borrowed time. The short version is that the corporate press is an enemy of the people, and they should be shamed and humiliated wherever possible.

What’s presented here is a little choppy due to long images, so if you want to download the thread as a PDF, you can download here: https://enblocpress.com/storage/pdf/threadReader_elPulpo.pdf

The war on journalists must continue, and with troops like El Pulpo on the front lines, victory is all but guaranteed.

Lee Enphield

Lee writes about 3D printing, guns, politics, and opinion. E-mail at lee@enblocpress.com.

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Jon Jones

Thank you for the honest laughter!

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