Updates from Lobby Day 2A Rally in Virginia

Updates from Lobby Day 2A Rally in Virginia

These updates are user-generated and are believed to be true based on information available. This post serves as a way for people on the ground to send reports of what is going on without risk of exposing device ID to Twitter or similar security concerns. Sources will remain anonymous unless they request otherwise.

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Large turnout. Estimates range from 20K – 100K people. No major incidents. VA Capital police report one arrest at around 1:30PM of one female for allegedly violating the ‘no masks’ law in vicinity of 800 Block Broad St. Crowds cleaned up the area before leaving for the day. No violence or property damage reported.


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Peaceful situation so far
Post by @trijiconch on 1/19/2020
Potential intelligence about nazi violence
Apparent VCDL concern about rally security

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VA Capitol, South to North
VA Capitol View
VA Capitol View
Hospital / ER in relation to Capitol

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