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Gauss Gun [Newsletter #1, AUG21]

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3D & DIY

  • The Merlin, a 3D printed Marlin Model 60/795, dropped this week at The Gatalog. Grab the files [Here…]

  • Chairmanwon had a helpful thread about the best way to go about painting your 3D printed frames. Some useful info for sure. [Here…]

  • Al Jazeera English ran a hit piece targeting 3d printing last week. It’s about what you would expect (guns bad!) but worth taking a glance. [Here…]
  • Looks like police in Fresno, CA bagged an FGC-9. Always unfortunate, but interesting to see one come from a random dude’s backpack. H/T Ivan.


  • A company called Arcflash Labs announced the world’s first handheld Gauss rifle, which makes use of 3D printed components to fire 1oz steel bolts. It’s available for pre-order now. See the video [Here…]
The GR-1 “Anvil” Gauss Rifle
  • Check out the “Neofight Gear” store, which recently went online.  Mainly bread and butter gun parts. The website is a little rough around the edges but the prices are good and this stuff is in inventory, not drop shipped. If you want to support a regular dude from around the libertarian twitter-sphere, consider checking this store out next time you need a parts kit or a U-bolt for your 3D lower or even some optics. You can buy from a giant faceless corporation with a pretty website, or you can support the homies. Your call. The website is https://neofightgear.com
  • H&K is bringing back an import-legal SL8 rifle. This is a precision variant of the G36, and runs a 10RD magazine of 50-70gr .223Rem or 5.56mm NATO ammo through a 20″ 1:7RH twist barrel. It’s a short-stroke gas piston system with a locking bolt face. There is no obvious advantage of the SL8 vs a decent AR-pattern 20″ build, but as an HK fan, I must say “we like the gun.” If you’re not familiar with this gun, here’s a YouTube video of an older-generation import.


  • Springfield Armory announced the release of their new “Emissary” 1911 pistol. VZ grips and a ‘rugged’ styling give the pistol what some may consider an attractive look. The gun MSRP’s at $1279 so expect to pay around $1100. Not bad. Video [Here…]

  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey received a pardon from the Governor of Missouri for defending their home against a mob of angry BLM activists who had broken into their gated community by force. The McCloskeys faced serious criticism from low-IQ politicians like Cori Bush for using their lawfully-owned firearms to ‘dissuade’ a mob of trespassing activists from approaching their property. The McCloskeys are now suing to get their guns back. [Here…]

  • The City of San Jose finds itself in the sticky situation of actually figuring out how to enforce the anti-gun laws they passed. The City previously approved legislation requiring gun owners to pay into a public insurance policy that would offset the cost of gun violence, but it turns out that it’s challenging to craft insurance law that covers deliberate misuse or crime, and it’s especially difficult to do so when there’s no actual register of who owns guns to begin with. Insurance policies typically only pay out when the insured is not breaking the law, which is looking like an unforeseeable complication for the idiots in San Jose local politics. D’oh. [Here…]


  • Arizona State Senator and founding member of the AZ LGBTQ Caucus, Tony Navarette (D), has been arrested by Phoenix PD on multiple counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. Navarette was a ‘rising star’ in the party. [Here…]
Crazy to think one of these men would have sex with a child
  • New York City becomes the first major US city to require a “vaccine passport” for residents to move about freely. This is obviously a bad thing, and I am not optimistic about how a court will view this, either. [Here…]
  • Dominion Voting Systems and Maricopa County, AZ are refusing to comply with a subpoena from the Arizona Senate regarding the 2020 Presidential election. We’re kind of living in a “post-legal” society at this point anyway, so I’m not confident this will go anywhere. [Here…]
  • Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey got a smack on the wrist from Twitter this week, after Stuckey made a post suggesting the man competing in the Olympic women’s weightlifting event was, in fact, a man. Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand failed to produce a snatch (you can’t make this up) in the 3 allotted attempts. Hubbard initially threw the 260lb set over “her” head rather than catching it. Hubbard added weight on subsequent attempts, but was too unstable to make anything passable. [Here…]
Women’s Sports
  • Walmart and Disney announced vaccine requirements for certain types of employees last week, adding fuel to the fire that is the debate about vaccine requirements. Several other high-profile companies have made similar announcements, and others have begun mask mandates, too.[Here…]
  • You guys aren’t going to believe this — but it looks like the media and the government may not actually be two entirely independent things — and prominent journalists and news outlets may even be simply carrying water for the US State Department. Shocking, I know. All kidding aside though, here’s a decent article about The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) and its relatiobship with the Biden administration, US foreign policy, and an “independent” media. [Here…]


  • China took the gold in Olympic Women’s Shot Put, but America’s green-haired lesbian athlete, Raven Saunders, did manage to be runner-up, twerk for the camera, and offer an extended political take about intersectionality and being black, so in a lot of ways, she’s the real winner. [Here…]
  • A supervisory FBI agent, recently appointed to head a regional anti-child pornography task force, is in trouble after Texas Rangers and the Office of the Inspector General obtained an affidavit that he likes to expose himself to little kids. Go figure. [Here…]
David Harris, Federal Agent, and (alleged!) fan of exposing himself to children
  • Bitcoin pushed back into the 40’s this week after a brief slump recently. Good to see things back on track.

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