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Duncan Lemp, 21, Reportedly Killed in His Sleep During Pre-Dawn Raid by Montgomery County Police

March 13th, 2020. Potomoc, Maryland.

Police in Maryland shot and killed 21-year-old Duncan Lemp while reportedly serving a warrant related to firearm charges. His pregnant girlfriend was also injured. The police raid took place at approximately 4:30AM Thursday morning, March 12th, 2020, in the 12200 block of St. James Road, Potomac, MD.

Police claim to have recovered several firearms from the residence. A search of Maryland public records does not show any criminal history for Lemp besides a speeding ticket. It’s unclear at this time whether Lemp was actually prohibited from possessing firearms or if police were falsely acting on a tip from someone claiming that he was a prohibited possessor.

Killed In His Sleep

Police claim Lemp was “confronting” them when officers opened fire from outside his house. However, an attorney for the Lemp family claims that Lemp and his girlfriend were asleep when the attack took place.

Police have not released any body camera footage, and did not initially report the situation to the press. Information is limited right now, but preliminary evidence suggests that officers did fire from outside the house for some reason.

Online Life

Lemp, active in online communities which focus on guns, freedom, tech, and cryptocurrency, was reportedly killed by a member of MCPD’s Special Operations Division – Tactical Unit. AP reports that Lemp was a libertarian, who was active on sites such as Reddit and 4chan.

Duncan Lemp's Instagram page under @yungquant
Duncan Lemp’s Instagram page under @yungquant

On his website — duncanlemp.com — Lemp describes himself as “a technologist for hire.”

Lemp’s Instagram page (@yungquant) shows him shooting guns at a range

From Coding to Circuitry to Crypto he is capable and willing to learn and apply any skills needed to get the job done. Founder of Nonpariel Capital, Asymmetric Volatility Services, and Zro Technologies. Problem Solver at Geometric Energy Corporation. Student/Alumni of Ecole 42 SV and Harvard edX.


Possible Red Flag

Lemp’s killing comes at a time when tensions between lawmakers, law enforcement, and civil rights activists are at a mounting strain. “Red Flag” warrants — where civilians have their firearms confiscated without being charged with a crime — are a controversial and increasingly popular measure in some states.

Maryland has already seen one civilian death as a result of a ‘Red Flag’ warrant. Gary Willis was killed by police in 2018 when Anne Arundel County Police attempted to confiscate his firearms.

The circumstances of Lemp’s death and information precipitating the police raid are still unclear at this time. This story will he updated as more information becomes clear.

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