Deterrence Dispensed Project LoPoint Release

CAD Files and Trailer

The gang at Deterrence Dispensed, and specifically Ctrl+Pew (IG @ctrlpew), recently dropped the CAD files and trailer for Project LoPoint. Deterrence Dispensed Project LoPoint is a 3D Printable Hi-Point. It builds for under $40.

Project LoPoint

The gun builds using Hi-Point C9 or C380 parts kits. The frame materials for printing are about $3, and a Hi-Point parts kit sells for around $30. Additionally, the designs include a rail and sight mount, which is actually an upgrade vs. the stock Hi-Point C9. To find the CAD files, join Keybase team “det_disp” and in the general chat type “+files” for the bot to fetch them for you.

You can get in on the fun join. So Keybase and find team “det_disp”. It’s a great place to chat about 3D printing and stay up to date on things. You can also follow Ctrl+Pew on Instagram below.

Deterrence Dispensed

Deterrence Dispensed is a decentralized group of makers who develop and share digital firearm files. While not affiliated with Defense Distributed, Deterrence Dispensed shares a similar model in developing and distributing 3D gun files and designs to the private citizen. Both organizations routinely make significant contributions to the space, but Deterrence Dispensed operates with relative anonymity to avoid the legal spotlight that Defense Distributed has been forced to contend with.

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