Defense Distributed Fills 'Contract Y' with DEFCAD Relaunch

DEFCAD Relaunches as Cody Wilson fills ‘Contract Y’

DEFCAD — the world’s largest firearms repository — has relaunched. The DD Legio blog shared today that DEFCAD has been relaunched, in an apparently ITAR-compliant capacity, as a fulfillment of Defense Distributed’s 2018 “Contract Y”.

DD Legio Post

The blog post, valediction by Cody Wilson, makes clear the March 27th release is deliberate. March 27th is ‘Goliad Day‘ — a day when hundreds of Texans were killed in the Texas Revolution. Wilson states DD would mark the occasion, “Because we borrow so much from the spirit of those 400 martyred”.

DD Legio's March 27th Goliad Day post shares the news about the relaunch of DEFCAD
DEFCAD lives again

“Contract Y” is a reference to a 2018 offer by Defense Distributed that if the public would help fund DD’s efforts, they’d fulfill Contracts X and Y.

Contract X was revealed in October of 2019 to be the Ghost Gunner 3 machine, which made significant improvements to the previous Ghost Gunner 2. The Ghost Gunner family of tabletop CNC machines are designed to mill unserialized “ghost guns” from 80% metal frames. The machines make it possible for the average person to produce an AR-15, 1911, or now AK-pattern firearm in the privacy of their own homes.

Cody Wilson took back over as the Director of Defense Distributed earlier in 2020.

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