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Cody Wilson Returns to Directorship of Defense Distributed

Cody Wilson — the controversial leading man of the 3D-printed firearm world and an original founder of Defense Distributed, makers of the Ghost Gunner desktop CNC machine — announced today his return to the directorship of Defense Distributed.

Indicated in a Legio release, Cody Wilson’s return comes at the invitation of Paloma Heindorff, who took center stage last year after Mr. Wilson’s personal legal battles forced him to resign from Defense Distributed and placed her in the role of Director.

Mr. Wilson, always an outspoken advocate of the right to bear arms, has frequently drawn the ire of anti-gun liberals and blue-state attorneys general who view his efforts — which routinely circumnavigate and make obsolete government efforts to impose gun control — as an existential threat to the efficacy of the state.

Legal Troubles

Cody Wilson was arrested in September of 2018 after a sexual encounter with a female he met through “”, an online dating website where younger women (presumably seeking a “sugar daddy”) meet older men of financial means.

While the website requires all parties to be 18-years of age to use the service, Mr. Wilson’s companion was only 16-years-old at the time of their sexual encounter. Mr. Wilson apparently believed the girl was of legal age. Texas law does not make exemptions for these circumstances. After his arrest, Cody Wilson resigned from Defense Distributed to deal with the ensuing legal battle.

Paloma Heindorff took the helm of Defense Distributed as Director in 2018, immediately following Cody Wilson’s resignation. While Mrs. Heindorff’s efforts were less publicly visible than Mr. Wilson’s, Defense Distributed and the Ghost Gunner platform continued to operate successfully and to engage in various legal battles with adversarial bodies politic, setting the stage for Cody Wilson’s ultimate return.

Cody Wilson reached a plea deal with the state of Texas which defers adjudication and requires him to register as a sex-offender, but allows him to avoid jail time or a felony conviction.

Cody Wilson is Back

And now, as he steps back into he leading role, Defense Distributed has released the trailer for their Ghost Gunner 3 — the latest generation of their desktop CNC machine. The Ghost Gunner 3 is reportedly faster than the previous machine (Ghost Gunner 2) and adds the capability to mill AK-47 pattern receivers in addition to AR-15 pattern receivers and 1911 handgun frames. This release serves to fulfill Defense Distributed’s obligation under “Contract X”, in which Defense Distributed would release to the public the machine following the commitment of financial support for the firm’s ongoing legal disputes with various US states by customers.

Ghost Gunner 3 Trailer

Looking Forward

Cody Wilson’s return is sure to capture some attention. And some negative press. The blow to his reputation following his sexual encounter with a minor is sure to pose a challenge to Mr. Wilson’s typically antagonistic style of interacting with media.

In years past Cody Wilson could simply outmaneuver press intellectually by quoting Marx or Baudriallard; highlight the hypocrisy or foolishness of their appeal-to-emotion fallacy, assert semantic dominance, assert philosophical dominance. While many opponents would begrudgingly accept this in the interest of not looking simple-minded, there now exists a challenging obstacle for Cody Wilson to overcome: regaining the moral high ground after it’s public knowledge he paid for sex with someone who turned out to be a minor.

We’ll see how it goes. But as with anything involving Cody Wilson, there are sure to be some fireworks.

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