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Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021

Guns N’ Bitcoin recently released details of their second annual “Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin” conference.

The conference takes place April 11th and 12th in Austin, Texas.

The two-day conference in sunny Austin will offer plenty for anyone in the libertarian, Bitcoin, and 3D printing firearm space. Enjoy anonymous attendance, presentations and demos, a fun opportunity to meet and chat with other people in the community, and even spend a morning at an outdoor shooting range with friends, new and old.

Bear Arms N' Bitcoin 2021

Day One – Saturday, April 11th

8:30AM – 5PM

The morning will feature presentations and talks by experts and personalities in the 3D printing, home manufacturing, firearms advocacy, bitcoin, and crypto communities. Enjoy presentations from people like Ivan The Troll and Ctrl+Pew, Vinh Nguyen, Austin Jones, and many more! 

In the afternoon the conference will be split into two areas. One focused on showcasing 3D printed guns and related tech, the other focused on Bitcoin, privacy, conjoining, and avoiding KYC/AML services.

Day Two – Sunday, April 12th

8:30AM – 12:30PM

Spend the morning target shooting and demoing 3D printed/DIY firearms at the range with your friends. 

Enjoy the first ever “World Championship of 3D Printing,” in association with Apostles Firearm Academy. The contest will span a variety of 3D printed gun categories and will be judged on things like accuracy, speed, and reliability. 

Prize money is paid in Bitcoin, from $150 – $500!  

Silent Auction

BANB2021 will feature a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the developers of3D gun proliferation group Deterrence Dispensed

Last year over $1,500 was raised to benefit those directly contributing to the right to bear arms. The proceeds are paid in Bitcoin, as part of a larger goal to help facilitate a bitcoin economy. 

BAB20 Exhibitor Display

Vinh Nguyen’s booth at BAB20. Video from Kommando Blog

Event Security & Registration

BANB2021 allows anonymous or pseudonymous attendance. Conference goers can pay for admission with Bitcoin, and one is checked in by e-mail address rather than by name or photo ID. 

Photography by attendees is not allowed except at the designated photo wall for the conference. Event staff may take photos of speakers, exhibitors, and the venue, but will not photograph attendees without their permission. 

Learn more at the official event page.

Go Sign Up!

Last year’s BANB conference received high praise from everyone who was there. This is an exciting opportunity to meet and greet people you normally only interact with on social media or chat apps.

This is also an opportunity to enjoy your hobbies and interests in meatspace, and to help normalize special events centered around guns and bitcoin in the era of political correctness and tech censorship.

If it’s in the budget for you, this is a tremendous event and a rare opportunity to engage like-minded people outside of the digital space.

Visit the official event page and sign up today!

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