Allegheny Rescue Co Owner Questioned by FBI over Instagram Posts

Allegheny Rescue Co. Owner Questioned by FBI

Allegheny Rescue Co owner Carter Milano was questioned recently by local detectives and the FBI after sharing social media posts regarding the second amendment and the death of Duncan Lemp.

Mr. Milano has attended and helped organize rallies in Pennsylvania and Maryland as part of his belief as a “second amendment absolutist”.

I spoke with Mr. Milano about his experience in the interview below.

You can follow Allegheny Rescue Co on Instagram here and visit their web site at The company is pro-second amendment. If it’s important to you to support such companies, consider doing business with them for your medial supply needs.

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Lee Enfield
Mr. Enfield can be reached at [email protected] and on Twitter @enbloc_lee. Enjoys politics, 3D printing, and guns. Infantry veteran and longtime shooter.

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