3D Printed Auto-Sear for Glock Handguns Released

Make Glocks Full Auto

The ‘Make Glocks Full Auto’ 3D printed Glock auto-sear was added to the Deterrence Dispensed LBRY Channel today. The files allow users with a 3D printer to produce the parts necessary to convert their standard Glock 17 pattern guns to fully automatic, similar to the Glock 18.

The release includes a ReadMe.txt file, renders, and 3D print files in STL, STEP, and F3D filetypes. The instructions for completing your project are included. It’s brief and straight forward. The average user who is even remotely familiar with Glocks should be able to complete the job in no time.

It runs.

As government-mandated “social distancing” and “stay at home” orders continue to be widespread, it would appear that some designers put the time to good use in advancement of 3D printed guns. Designers digitalmaniac and FreeMenDontAsk produced this release, and testing was coordinated by Incarbonite.

A Growing LBRY

2020 has been a big year so far for 3D printed guns.

The 3D printed auto-sear for Glock handguns is an addition to the existing options to convert AR-15 pattern rifles to automatic in the form of a 3D printed DIAS / Lightning Link.

This release comes shortly after Deterrence Dispsned released the FGC-9, an entirely home-built 9mm carbine. The carbine is completed with all unregulated parts and circumvents American and European gun laws.

The community is currently awaiting a mysterious release involving 9MMx19 ammunition, slated for later this year.

MGFA Render

The release includes a note stating, “Thanks to the FFLs who aided in the testing and development of this device”. So, it would appear this was all developed legally.

Note: producing automatic weapons is a serious offense in the U.S. without proper licensing. Don’t be a dummy.

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