Claim: Ammo Maker Hornady to Enforce Worker Vaccine Mandate

This unverified memo has been spreading around the gun community

Making the rounds on gunstagram and other social media is an image of a memo, which appears to be from Steve Hornady — President of popular ammo manufacturer Hornady — asking his employees to become vaccinated in anticipation of the Biden mandate taking effect.

There has been no official statement from Hornady at this time, and the letter’s authenticity is unverified. Hornady has, however, disabled comments on recent Instagram posts after a flood of negative remarks and has neither denied the claims nor responded to the social media outrage.

As a long-time fan of Hornady’s ammunition, I’m hoping the news isn’t true. But given their lack of response to angry customers, I’m thinking the memo is real.

AR15.COMTidewater 2A

Lee Enphield

Lee writes about 3D printing, guns, politics, and opinion. E-mail at

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