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3D Printed Auto-Sear for Glock Handguns Released

The Make Glocks Full Auto 3D Printed Auto-Sear is available for download now from Deterrence Dispensed
Make Glocks Full Auto The ‘Make Glocks Full Auto’ 3D printed Glock auto-sear was added to the Deterrence Dispensed LBRY Channel today. The files allow users with a 3D printer to produce the parts necessary to convert their standard Glock…

Allegheny Rescue Co. Owner Questioned by FBI

Allegheny Rescue Co Owner Questioned by FBI over Instagram Posts
Allegheny Rescue Co owner Carter Milano was questioned recently by local detectives and the FBI after sharing social media posts regarding the second amendment and the death of Duncan Lemp. Mr. Milano has attended and helped organize rallies in Pennsylvania…

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