En Bloc Press shares articles, guides, and opinion pieces by subject matter experts, content creators, or personalities that are suppressed or at odds with “regular” media platforms.

One may find things here that are new and uncomfortable. Political ideas that challenge the status quo. Opinions that are in opposition to common thought about free speech, gun control, education, law enforcement, government (at all levels), foreign policy, the free market, cryptocurrency, and more. “The system” in general is scrutinized, subverted, undermined, or worked around.

Why a Place Like En Bloc?

Most social media and user-generated content platforms are shifting towards a content model of heavy censorship. Approaches include demonetization, de-platforming, device bans, shadow bans, or complex algorithms to bury content that is viewed as “controversial”.

Why would they do this? Users being exposed to controversial or upsetting content leads to less engagement overall on a platform. Less engagement means fewer users, fewer daily logins, fewer clicks. Less personal data can be collected and sold. And it means that stockholders grow impatient with corporate leadership.

Regardless of their mission statements, places like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter do not exist to give people free speech. Their mission is not to allow a free exchange of ideas. Their mission is only to look like they’re doing that. In reality, their model is collecting data and selling it to third parties. Selling advertising space. Turning information over to the government. In fact, Twitter was hit with over 2,000 Law Enforcement information requests in the U.S. in the first six months of 2019.

Protect Aunt Doris

Think of it this way: your Aunt Doris isn’t likely to open Instagram and take a picture of her muffin at Starbucks if she’s nuked with posts about the rising suicide rate and opioid epidemic, police brutality, war crimes in Hong Kong, videos about how to 3D print automatic weapons, or memes about civil war each time she clicks the app. She wants to see other muffins. And Taylor Swift. And your posts are bad for business, and so Instagram hides them or deletes your account altogether.

Despite what their mission statements may say, places like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter do not exist to give people free speech.
This…is not true.

Why Does it Matter if They Don’t Like Us?

Prominent accounts, groups, and personalities are routinely kicked off of major platforms.

People like Whiskey (@cocktails.and.compliance) or Trij (@trijiconch) are deleted every few months it seems. Users like Jon (@too_savage_for_statists_) spend months offering first hand coverage of situations like the Hong Kong protests, and are then deleted for sharing information about U.S. war crimes at Abu Grahib.

Most people in the liberty movement have a very ‘fuck you, I’ll just do it again’ attitude. Which is cool. But this resilience only gets us so far because we’re starting fresh each time someone steps over the invisible line that only a tech oligarch like Facebook or Twitter can define.

It’s especially detrimental because once users are gone, their content (or most of it) is removed, too. Years of content can disappear in an instant. Sometimes simply because a user mocked the wrong senator or made a meme that was a little bit too spicy.

These random ‘whack-a-mole’ deletions of prominent users slows down organic growth in the liberty community. It’s like if you went into a library and destroyed a random section of books every few months. Most of those books are run of the mill, but every now and again a classic is destroyed. Eventually you get a dark age, when no information is available.

The challenge is two-fold

  • Quality content is tough to come by.
  • Quality content is always at risk of deletion.

By hosting or curating some of the best content or most thought-provoking ideas from the greater liberty community on an independent website, En Bloc seeks to mitigate the risk account deletion poses to the development of the community as a whole.

Basically, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. can’t delete what they’re not hosting. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like it; it’s hosted on En Bloc’s server.

Okay, But…Are Things Really So Bad?

It depends on how you look at it. Are you comfortable? Probably. Statistically, you aren’t starving to death, you live in a climate controlled building, you likely weren’t a victim of street violence today, and you have access to emergency services and the internet. But this isn’t because the government and the market have your best interests at heart. This is because comfort leads to passiveness and consumption, two things the government and the market rely on very much.

Don’t mistake things being easy for things being good.

Let’s Go To The Commons

What do you think would happen if you went into the food court at the mall, stood on the table, and announced to a crowd of people that you believe people should be able to say whatever they want? Or own whatever guns they want? That the government shouldn’t be able to read their e-mails and text messages? That folks should live however they want to live?

Do you think everyone would agree with you? Hell — do you think even 75% of people would agree with you? Me neither.

Our teachers teach in a broken education system, our cops police in a broken criminal justice system, our nurses help in a broken healthcare system, and our collective future is less and less self-determined and more and more in the hands of a faceless government.

Right now, this is a personal project. This is not run by a corporation. It’s self-financed (so for the love of god go buy a T-shirt). It’s a ‘passion project’ because I think it’s a need that needs to be filled.

I’m just starting out here. But the more people can realize the problems of the situation now, the more people can start to think in a way that positively shapes the future and informs their decision making in a productive manner. Helping to make the sentiments of the liberty community more antifragile in their overall availability, I believe the overall movement can be made more effective.

What En Bloc Is Not Here For

Note: While En Bloc is a place for thought experiment and philosophical rhetoric, it’s not the place for ethnocentrism or illegal calls to violence. America is cool, and I’m not trying to start the 4th Reich. There are platforms for those activities, and I’m sure the internet can offer you a port of refuge for anything you seek. This website operates “in the clear”; it’s not an offshore server / anonymous host. So if you’re looking to cross the line into FBI territory, head on over to Gab, 4Chan, Tor, or any other similar channel.