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The intent of this page is to allow the reader to gain a conceptual familiarity with 3D printed firearms. The average person should be able to read through some of these guides and articles about 3D printing and understand roughly what is required in terms of time, skill, and expense to produce their own 3D printed parts at home. En Bloc Press believes in the right to self-defense and self-ownership. We view attempts to block access to the type of information published here as unethical and at odds with the natural human condition of dignified sovereignty. Should you feel compelled to venture into 3D printing, we hope you find these resources useful in your ethical pursuits of self-defense.

En Bloc Press does not engage in the sale of firearms or firearms parts and does not host any 3D gun files.

Typical Order of Operations for Beginners

  1. Read the getting started guide!
  2. Buy a 3D printer
  3. Buy 3D printing material (filament)
  4. Buy 3D printer upgrades
  5. Correctly assemble printer
  6. Carefully level the printer bed
  7. Download 3D gun files
  8. Use a “Slicer” program to make the file printable
  9. Save the file and load it to your printer
  10. Print the gun frame, receiver, etc.
  11. Post process your print by removing artifacts and supports
  12. Assemble your firearm
  13. Post cool videos at the range and flex on the gram

Read This First!

Deterrence Dispensed: Getting Your First 3D-Printer and How To Use It

Learn where you should buy the 3d-printer, how to properly assemble it, which upgrades improve it the most, and how to get the most effective use from it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find 3D Gun Files?

How Long Does It Take To Print A Gun Frame?

Print times will vary with your printer model and settings, but expect many larger prints for things like Glock frames, AR-15 receivers, and Tec-9 receivers, to take 15-28 hours on a Creality Ender 3.

Is It Legal to Build My Own Gun?

Short answer: probably. If you can lawfully own the gun to begin with, you can generally build it yourself (in the United States). This isn’t legal advice. Always consult whichever authority has jurisdiction in your area and be sure to ask extra nicely for permission 😉

I See People Talk About 'Keybase'. What's That?

Keybase is an encrypted chat app. There’s a lot to it — and you should learn about it — but it’s where Deterrence Dispensed lives right now. If you want to be in a large (9,000+ person) group that talks about 3D printing guns, that’s where you need to go.

What Is 'Deterrence Dispensed'?

Deterrence Dispensed is a group dedicated to the development and distribution of 3D gun and related files. They feature a large group chat where enthusiasts can show off their work, get help with their projects, and contribute to the community.

What Type of Material/Filament Should I Use?

There are a number of media to print with. Probably the most widely used for gun printing is called “PLA+”. You may also see people commonly using PETG. For a beginner, PLA+ is a really good starting point and offers a great mix of being easy to work with and producing quality parts.

What Brand of Filament Should I Use?

eSUN 1.75mm PLA+ has widely produced good results and is used by many people in the community. It can be purchased on Amazon and is usually $25-$30 a spool. En Bloc Press has no affiliation with eSun, but we do use their product and have been happy with it.

How Many Guns Can I Print Off One Spool (2.2kg) of PLA+ Filament?

You can expect to get five or six Glock 17 frames from a spool of eSun PLA+ 1.75mm filament.

How Much Space Do I Need?

To comfortably print on a Creality Ender 3, you’ll need about a 2′ x 2′ square surface, and about 30″ of clearance to fit the frame and spool of filament on top. Your surface should be level and stable. The printer won’t do well on carpet or wobbly surfaces.

Why Is It Called a 'Ghost Gun'?

Because they’re spooky. 3D printed and home built guns generally don’t have a serial numbers. This makes such firearms “untraceable”, and scares the media and gun control lobby.

Is It Legal to Sell What I Print?

It’s only legal to sell weapons you’ve manufactured as a Federal Firearm License holder.

Do I Have to Get a Creality Ender 3 Printer?

No. There are plenty of options for 3D printers. But the Creality Ender 3 is probably the most commonly used printer in the 3D gun printing community, and a lot of the design files and documentation/instructions are designed for the Ender 3. You can get whatever printer you want — but the Ender 3 will be the most supported.

FGC-9 Being Test Fired

3D Printed Glock Auto Sear

Join Deterrence Dispensed on Keybase

A Note on Keybase

Note: before going into Keybase, you should understand that there are almost 10,000 people in the group. This means there are almost certainly two very specific groups of people you should be aware of:

  1. Cops. Law Enforcement is undoubtedly monitoring the channel. So use an email address and screen name that isn’t your real name, don’t act like an idiot, and don’t ask people to do illegal things or post yourself doing illegal things.
  2. People who are busy advancing the craft. Read through the channel rules. It’s a friendly place, but please do a little of your own research before asking 10,000 people a question that can be easily researched. If you need help, ask for it. But the group chat is pretty focused and stays on topic.

Good Follows


Ctrl+Pew offers many excellent resources on his website and a detailed getting started guide.

Guns N' Bitcoin

Guns N' Bitcoin provides you with the gear, apparel, and podcast to help you thrive and survive the cyberpunk dystopia. The podcast has featured many prominent members of the 3D printing community. Check it out!

Spooky Rails

SpookyRails sells the rails needed to complete your Glock or Smith & Wesson SD9VE build.

Firearms Policy Coalition

FPC is constantly advancing the cause of 3D printing and gun rights everywhere while the NRA largely ignores home builders.

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