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3D Gun Group Deterrence Dispensed to Leave Keybase

Deterrence Dispensed, the group dedicated to designing and distributing plans for 3D printed firearms, is leaving encrypted chat app Keybase. The change comes following an update to the platform’s acceptable use policy (visible here).

Specifically, Keybase’s policy prohibits sharing or promoting content which contains:

weapons, including firearms, ammunition, and explosives, instructions on making weapons (e.g., bombs, 3D printed guns, etc.);

Keybase Acceptable Use Policy item 8(i)

Digital Nomads

This is not the first time Deterrence Dispensed has needed to find a new home. The 3D gun enthusiasts of Deterrence Dispensed have been banned from several major platforms since the group’s inception. This most recent move comes amid renewed efforts by progressives to censor content at a platform-level. The move also follows Keybase’s recent acquisition by Zoom.

Zoom, an American company which partially operates from China, has faced criticism about privacy and free speech. Zoom apparently permits the CCP to monitor user content and suppress conversation surrounding topics unfavorable to the Chinese government. With this in mind, it seemed obvious that Keybase would falter in their commitment to privacy once Zoom became involved.

Deterrence Dispensed is still fully operational. They have been preparing for this inevitability since Zoom acquired Keybase in May of 2020.

Public Service Announcement

Group admin “IvanTheTroll” explained the news to the 20,000+ member group this evening.

I’m afraid I’ve got unfortunate news. We recently learned that keybase will no longer allow 3D printed gun content/discussion on it’s platform – while we suspected this was coming after zoom acquired keybase, we have now confirmation of that.

While this will be a little speedbump, we have already set up a self-hosted instance of rocketchat over at https://chat.deterrencedispensed.com/home. This chat should have most of the features that keybase offered – the only thing sorely missing will be KBFS, though we are actively experimenting with a couple replacements for KBFS. More on that later.

The new server will have the same rules, same basic layout, but a few different modes of operation. Betas will be handled a little differently, and the look and feel will take a little getting used to – but discussions can be curated into side rooms easily, and the overall clutter of the chat should be resolved.

So, on the evening of 1/20/21, this chat (Det_Disp on keybase) will be locked down, all rooms will be deleted, and KBFS will be purged. The team will stay up, but only with one channel that has a locked message that will contain the link to our new home and a brief commentary on why we moved.

I’ve enjoyed using keybase, but with Biden taking office, it’s best that we moved off of a platform that we don’t host ourselves anyway – the costal liberals who run zoom would take great pleasure at banning us without warning at Joe’s request, so I do appreciate keybase’s legacy staff giving us prior warning of the pending enforcement action against us.

I am sure that the move will not slow our progress, and look forward to seeing you all in our new home – the future holds many challenges and promises. Until next time, keep your printers warm and your minds clear.”

As always, you can’t stop the signal. The group’s new chat can be found at https://chat.deterrencedispensed.com.

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